Liberal Journalist Goes Undercover At Vegas Trump Rally; Women Voters Reveal Shocking Opinions On Rape, Religion and Racism.

On Thursday September 20th, 2018 I — a liberal journalist — went undercover at Donald Trump’s rally in Las Vegas. 

Like so many, I want to know, I must know, why Trump’s base continues to support him, despite the rampant corruption, incompetence, crime and chaos exploding out of the White House like the white goo that explodes from a popped zit.

To find out, I hung out with Trump voters for more than a dozen hours outside and inside the Las Vegas convention center.  I was there to talk to them. 

To find out who they really are.

To understand why facts and truth don’t seem to matter to them.

I was there to ask them about racism, pussy grabbing, rape, religion, Judge Kavanaugh and marital infidelity.

And, in order to get people to open up to me and be honest about their feelings, I dressed as one of them in a #MAGA hat and Trump / Pence t-shirt. Having done this now at several Trump events, I have found that people are more open and honest when they think they’re talking to one of their own, and not some libtard snowflake from Fake News, California.

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(EXCLUSIVE) I Snuck Backstage Before Trump’s Las Vegas Rally, Goofed Around Some And Then Videotaped The Presidential Port-O-Potty

TRUMP RALLY LAS VEGAS: On Thursday, September 20th, 2018, President Donald Trump gave a convention style speech in Las Vegas to his base of GOP zealots.

Around 11:45pm on the night of the 19th — 16 hours before the rally began, I wandered through the nearly vacant Convention hall. I checked out Trump’s official podium and the Presidential Port-O-Potty backstage, too.

The author (dressed incognito) about 2 hours before President Trump arrived to give a speech at the Las Vegas Convention Center on September 20, 2018.

I was kinda surprised no police or secret service agents were around to kick me out, or at the very least, ask what the hell was I up to? 

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12 Reasons To Vote For A Democrat

IMPEACHMENT: Democrats must neuter Donald Trump’s horrific agenda of tyranny, division and high-crimes. We do this by VOTING on November 6th, 2018 for democratic candidates in every race from dog catcher to City Council all the way up to the United States Senate.

We must send a message to Donald Trump that his days of lies and deception and his conspiracy with Russia are coming to and immediate and abrupt end. 

The future of our democracy is at stake. We MUST flip the House and Senate and return control of congress to the Democrats who will bring with them honesty, decency and transparency.

Mike Bloomberg To Run For President

The Times, a UK paper is reporting that Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and billionaire owner of business news network, is planning to running as a Democrat in the 2020 presidential election.

Mike Bloomberg told me he is going to run in 2020,” a source told The Times. “He has the money to see it through while other candidates knock themselves out.”

Bloomberg considered presidential runs in 2008, 2012 and 2016, amid concerns at the time that he might split Democrat votes.

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