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8 Reasons Republicans Hate Obamacare

Posted on Sep 1, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid, Blog | 2 comments


Reason #2 Republicans hate Obamacare.

Because the government would subsidize the premiums of people who can’t afford health care, it meant the government would now have a role – in which it could interfere with the relationship between patients and their doctors. And to republicans, the doctor patient relationship is nearly as sacrosanct as the one between a hedge fund with numerous off shore accounts and a billionaire investor going through a nasty divorce.

Reason #3 Republicans hate Obamacare.

Republicans believe government should have little to no role in establishing or maintaining a set standard of living for all Americans. Rich people get to eat filet mignon, poor people get to lick the Omaha Steaks catalogue.

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  1. Let’s take away their free government health care, and watch how quickly the bastards change their greedy minds!

  2. We need to go to single payer and give healthcare to all Americans!

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