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A Liberal Journalist Goes Undercover at the President’s Las Vegas Rally and Gets Donald Trump’s #1 Fan to Open up About Brett Kavanaugh, Sexual Misconduct, George Soros and the Russians.

Posted on Oct 5, 2018 by in All Episodes, Be Less Stupid | 1 comment

It’s an odd sensation, really. I stood there nodding my head, agreeing with person after person who said crazy shit like: “She’s a fraud,” “George Soros paid her,” and “Who hasn’t been groped by a 16 year old boy?” Those, of course, being the answers to the question, “What do you make of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination?” But, having to nod in agreement to nonsense and insanity is what happens when a liberal journalist puts on a #MAGA hat and Trump T-shirt to go undercover at one of the President’s rallies. 

The author, Jon Hotchkiss, undercover at Trump rally in Las Vegas on Sept 20, 2018. (MAGA hat and Trump/Pence t-shirt)

I was there to find out how after all the scandals, all the lies, all the crimes committed, all the corruption, all the allegations of sexual misconduct and all the horrible policies that Trump’s base was STILL supporting him. My dressing like one of them in order to fit in, just makes it easier for those I’m talking with – and filming – to share their honest and real feelings. Were I wearing my regular clothes, I would easily be made for a Jewish snowflake libtard from Fake News, California — which is what I am.

To those who asked, with some skepticism, what I was doing with my camera, I told I was working for Breitbart and that this video I was producing would be up on their site a few days later.

I’m not sorry for pretending to be someone I was not. In these partisan times, too often people color their political opinions based on who they’re talking to. I wasn’t interested in starting political fights. I wasn’t interested in making jokes at people’s expense. Rather, I just wanted to talk to people who are passionate about their feelings… and get them to be honest about them. 

You’ll see I have taken no one out of context. And I have made no jokes. Despite, wanting to, desperately. Here’s a joke I wanted to include, but didn’t:

If you are more concerned about your son being falsely accused of rape than you are of your daughter ACTUALLY being raped…

You might be a Republican.

Anyway, the above video features Dane Senser, Donald Trump’s #1 fan. Like me, he arrived at the Las Vegas convention center 10 hours before the doors opened. He made a giant “Trump Card” to show his support for #45. He’s taken it to multiple Trump rallies and even scored a ticket to the President’s 2016 inauguration.

Trump voter who did NOT believe the allegations made by Dr. Christine Ford.

This is part 2 in a series of interviews I did with Trump voters at the Las Vegtas rally. You can see the first set of interviews HERE. It’s with multiple women of various ages who did NOT believe Dr. Christine Ford’s allegations. 

Follow our facebook page to see Part 3 of this series, featuring interviews with Trump voters who explain whey they love Trump and specifically detail the things he’s done to make their lives better. Here’s a preview: Almost all of them said they LOVED the HUGE tax break they received and that the $2000-$5000 dollars they got back from the government, perhaps small for Nancy Pelosi, made a big difference to them. Only here’s the thing: They’re delusional. They’re exaggerating whatever their tax return was by more than 75%.

Most voters got back a few hundred dollars… not a few thousand.

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  1. See if you can get into a white house press briefing, it’s really liars for the rump club! Sorry I don’t have a political type website, although I’ve been thinking about it…! Have a Great day & keep up the great work!

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