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I Was Assaulted By A Cop For Asking Sean Spicer A Question About Russia At The Nixon Library

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It starts with a NY Times article that reported that on December 29th, 2016, Sean Spicer and the rest of Trump’s Transition team were at Mar-A-Lago. The day before, the Obama Administration imposed sanctions on Russia for meddling in the 2016 US Election.

Trump’s incoming administration had two concerns: 1. That these sanctions would make people question the legitimacy of Trump’s victory…

…and 2. That Russia would react to the sanctions by escalating tensions.

We know this because transition advisor, KT McFarland wrote them in an email that was obtained by the NY Times.

Now, this Email is important.

It laid out Team Trump’s plan:  That Mike Flynn would call the Russian Ambassador and tell him not to over react to the sanctions because the incoming administration would fix it after the inauguration.

Two weeks later, Mike Flynn lied to the FBI about these conversations – He told the FBI he wished Kislyak a Happy New Year. The FBI has the conversation on tape. Flynn is charged. He pleads guilty to lying to the FBI and is NOW a cooperating witness with the Mueller investigation.

Back to Mar-a-lago. KT McFarland’s email was sent to Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer. Who are all together at Mar-A-Lago.

In his new book, Spicer talks about General Flynn’s Russia contact and he says, quote:

“I questioned Flynn about it again and he quickly pulled out his phone to show me a text message to Kislyak wishing him a happy new year and offering condolences for members of the Russian Red Army Choir who had died in a plane crash.”

Spicer goes on:

“Flynn’s revolving account of his Russian contacts – and the fact that he misled us – sank his credibility as national security advisor.”

So: Spicer says he knew NOTHING about the content of Mike Flynn’s secret contacts with Russia… That he didn’t know Flynn talked about the sanctions.

AND THIS is what I wanted to ask about… This discrepancy between what Spicer says and what Mueller and the NY Times say.


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