Why Do Trump Trolls Want You To Die? We Reveal The Science.


What’s the point of the litany of offensive liberal nicknames? They have the psychological effect of dehumanizing liberals. As the science goes, when a Trump troll comments on your facebook page that you Crybaby libtard should die, he probably isn’t suggesting that Carl, his neighbor, who he watches football with, but who voted for Hillary, should die; rather, he’s just a douche who wants some amorphous idea of a weak emasculated man to die. I think. This psychology stuff is kinda slippery. Also he might really want you dead.

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8 Reasons Republicans Hate Obamacare


Reason #2 Republicans hate Obamacare.

Because the government would subsidize the premiums of people who can’t afford health care, it meant the government would now have a role – in which it could interfere with the relationship between patients and their doctors. And to republicans, the doctor patient relationship is nearly as sacrosanct as the one between a hedge fund with numerous off shore accounts and a billionaire investor going through a nasty divorce.

Reason #3 Republicans hate Obamacare.

Republicans believe government should have little to no role in establishing or maintaining a set standard of living for all Americans. Rich people get to eat filet mignon, poor people get to lick the Omaha Steaks catalogue.

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Best Nicknames For Republicans and Trump Trolls


Conservatives have dozens of derogatory nicknames for Liberals. But, Liberals don’t have any for Republicans. Until now.

The words Conservatives use are: Cuck, Snowflake, Libtard, Fucktard, Social Justice warrior, feminazi, Beta, Socialist, Obamacrat, dumbocrat, democrap, Kweers, Crybaby, Googles, Yahoos, Skittles, Skypes, — those are the words they use for Jews, Blacks, Gays and Mexicans to get around the web’s hate speech filters –

Then there’s: Durdens, Butterfly, Fishbucket, fetus hating doucheocrat, flag burning fruit cake, porn loving eco-terrorist, Bongo Playing Welfare queen, Hummos Eating Polite Whole Food Shopper and Puppy Rescuing Charity Giving Sarah McLaughlin fan.

OK, those last two, I might have made up.

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  1. Republicunts
  2. Conservitards
  3. Trickle down douche bags
  4. Republikkkans
  5. Douchicans
  6. The GOPee
  7. Cunstitutionalists
  8. Cuntservatives
  9. Cuntry music fans
  10. Fox ags
  11. Huckapees
  12. Bible humpers / bible fuckers
  13. Nazican
  14. Rethuglicans
  15. Reich wingers
  16. Neoconvicts
  17. Retrumplicans
  18. Cuntract with americans
  19. Conservitutes
  20. Rape-publicans
  21. Freedom bottom
  22. Control halt delete
  23. The pillage people
  24. Strom troopers
  25. Sadie (short for sadists)
  26. Deplorables
  27. Repukelicans
  28. Clown sticks
  29. Trumppanzie
  30. Breitfarts
  31. Insane Kkklown posse
  32. Trumpster divers
  33. Asshats
  34. Trumptards
  35. Trumpflakes
  36. Trumpsuckers
  37. Koch-suckers
  38. Conservapricks
  39. Refuckyoucans
  40. Twitler!
  41. Twat Waffles
  42. Lowest Common Denominators
  43. Trumpanzees
  44. Trumpchump
  45. Lord Combover
  46. Kochsuckers
  47. Repubes
  48. Cheetoh Dust
  49. Cheetoh Jesus
  50. Trumplethinskins
  51. Republicants
  52. Fox & Fools
  53. Trumpshiveks
  54. Trump Stamps
  55. Agent Orange

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CAUGHT: Discovery Channel Joins Russia In Supporting Fake News

SCANDAL: Special council, Robert Mueller is investigating how the Russian government tampered with and influenced the recent US election. The operating theory is that Russian hackers, under orders from the Kremlin, served up fake news on social media to tepid Hillary Clinton supporters in an effort to flip their vote to Donald Trump.

However, it’s not just Russians working on behalf of Donald Trump who are supporting and serving up fake news.

The Discovery Channel is, too.

This is a screen grab of the page on the fake news site, “openinginfo.com”, on which the Discovery Channel’s ad for “Shark Week” appeared.

That’s right. The Discovery Channel.

BE LESS STUPID: The purveyors of “Shark Week” are running their advertisements on the site, OpeningInfo.com, a website that pedals distorted and fake news to conservative voters, including the recent story that President Trump had given large increases to Americans who collect social security. While it’s true that social security recipients will be receiving increases in 2017, single recipients will get $1360, while married recipients will receive $2260 per month, the cost of living increases were announced in October 2016, a month BEFORE Trump was elected.

This is a screen grab from the fake news site, “openinginfo.com”

If the Discovery Channel responds, we will include it here.

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SCANDAL: Bill O’Reilly Promotes Fake News Attack On US War Hero

First it was the Russians promoting fake news on Facebook. Now it’s a titan of broadcasting who’s a former FOX News anchor.

Bill O’Reilly, previously the most popular newsman on cable, who was fired from FOX over allegations of repeated sexual harassment, is now actively promoting fake news on Facebook. The stories O’Reilly is promoting are intentionally deceiving perhaps millions of Conservative voters. They’re stories that viciously attack an American war-hero as well as the innocent daughter of another US Senator.

The former FOX News anchor and current podcast host’s name, image and political leanings are the draw for more than 50,000 like-minded Facebook followers who are all members of the Bill O’Reilly fan group on Facebook.

The 50K plus members of this group are served a daily dose of conservative leaning stories, American jingoism, anti-Muslim rhetoric, Trump propaganda and most egregiously, 100% fake news, including today’s top story that Republican Senator John McCain had renounced the Republican party. It’s news, the headline in the Facebook feed blares, that was met with cheers among Republicans.

To be 100% clear, John McCain has NOT renounced his affiliation with the Republican party. This is 100% fake news.

In addition to the McCain fake news story, another fake news story posted on July 19, 2017 said that New York Senator, Chuck Schumer’s daughter, had been arrested at the US/Mexico border carrying $300,000 dollars in cash along with a significant amount of marijuana.

For the sake of clarity, the story in the Bill O’Reilly Facebook fan group about Chuck Schumer’s daughter is ALSO 100% false.

Should Bill O’Reilly respond to this story, his comments will be posted here.

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