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CAUGHT: Discovery Channel Joins Russia In Supporting Fake News

Posted on Jul 20, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid, Blog | 0 comments

SCANDAL: Special council, Robert Mueller is investigating how the Russian government tampered with and influenced the recent US election. The operating theory is that Russian hackers, under orders from the Kremlin, served up fake news on social media to tepid Hillary Clinton supporters in an effort to flip their vote to Donald Trump.

However, it’s not just Russians working on behalf of Donald Trump who are supporting and serving up fake news.

The Discovery Channel is, too.

This is a screen grab of the page on the fake news site, “”, on which the Discovery Channel’s ad for “Shark Week” appeared.

That’s right. The Discovery Channel.

BE LESS STUPID:┬áThe purveyors of “Shark Week” are running their advertisements on the site,, a website that pedals distorted and fake news to conservative voters, including the recent story that President Trump had given large increases to Americans who collect social security. While it’s true that social security recipients will be receiving increases in 2017, single recipients will get $1360, while married recipients will receive $2260 per month, the cost of living increases were announced in October 2016, a month BEFORE Trump was elected.

This is a screen grab from the fake news site, “”

If the Discovery Channel responds, we will include it here.

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