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Dana Rohrbacher Accepts Huge Donation From Holocaust Denier

Posted on Aug 17, 2018 by in All Episodes, Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

Dana Rohrbacher is America’s worst congressman. He was warned recently by the FBI that Russian spies were trying to recruit him and that according to Moscow, Rohrabacher “looked like someone who could be influenced.”

More recently, Rohrabacher said he supported home owners who would deny selling their home to gays because they disagreed with their lifestyle.

Rohrabacher has suspiciously met with several of the Russians at the center of the Mueller probe, including Natalyia Veselnetskya, who was at the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Don Trump, Jr.

Rohrabacher also agrees with looney bird, Alex Jones, the host of InfoWars, that secret democratic operatives were responsible for the White Nationalist riots in Charlottesville.

Dana Rohrbacher has also met, dined with and accepted huge political donations from Chuck Johnson, who believes that the gas chambers at Aushwitz are not real and has been called a Holocaust denier by the ADL, The Southern Poverty Law Center and the Washington Post.

Oh, Chuck Johnson is also the first person to banned from Twitter for life because he asked his followers for donations to “take out” a black lives matter activist.

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