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Democratic Donors Give More To Causes Than Candidates And That’s A Huge Problem

Posted on Mar 12, 2018 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

Democratic Donors Give More To Causes Than Candidates And That’s A Huge Problem

There is only one way for Democrats to ensure that the House and Senate bring impeachment charges against President Trump: they must flip the House and Senate in the November 2018 mid-term elections.

Once they bring Articles of Impeachment, Democrats can then file charges to indict the President and remove him from office.

And this is the only thing Democrats should be focused on; getting control of both houses of Congress.

Democrats need to flip just 24 seats in the House and just 2 in the Senate in order to gain control.

Gaining control will allow democrats to bring bills to the floor for votes. In the meantime, while Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell control Congress, no amount of liberal media criticism, or the frequency of well intentioned marches, letter writing campaigns, or phone calls to representatives will force Ryan and McConnell to take umbrage with the President’s treason, crimes or cruelty. So long as Trump continues to press issues like the tax cuts for the rich, the border wall and a weak response to gun control, Ryan and McConnell will not be forced to grow a conscience or a set of balls. For these two dolts, it will ALWAYS be party before country. That is, unless their constitutes start to take up arms against Commander Bone Spur; and that appears to be as likely as white supremacists performing hava-nagila at Chuck Shumer’s grand daughter’s bat-mitzvah.

And yet, if the past is any indication of the future, Democratic donors appear to be poised to keep the status quo. According to the Center For Responsive Politics and Be Less Stupid, the average Democratic donor gives 48% LESS money to Democratic candidates than the average Republican donor gives to Republican candidates. The average individual donor to Democratic candidates gives $1374 while the average Republican donor gives $2043, a difference of $664 dollars.

According to Be Less Stupid host, Jon Hotchkiss, perhaps the single most significant issue that will undermine the Democrat’s success at gaining control on the House and Senate is that “Democratic donors tend to give more money to causes rather than to candidates, while Republicans donate more to candidates.”

Republicans understand that the success of their causes depends nearly entirely on having conservative representatives who will support conservative views, for example, on the 2nd amendment. Plus, conservative representatives also ensure the appointment of conservative judges to not only the Supreme Court, but also the various state and federal courts, as well. Conservative judges who will rule to limit abortions and take a conservative stand on other social issues like on obscenity, pornography and gay marriage.

As obstacles to democratic ideals present themselves in the legislative branch, Democrats spread their donation money around to liberal causes that work around the legislatures, by supporting traditional liberal organizations like the ACLU, the World Wildlife Fund and Planned Parenthood. On the one hand, the vital donations to these groups DO help liberal goals over the short and medium term, unfortunately, they require long term monetary commitments. Supporting a Republican Senator ensures six years of support for conservative causes. A donation to Planned Parenthood, no matter how well intentioned, disappears as soon as the money is needed to perform a procedure, buy insurance, or pay a staff member or lobbyist.

That said, let me be 100% clear: I am NOT discouraging donations to the stalwarts and defenders of liberal ideology.

Rather, I’m advocating for MORE donations from MORE voters. Get this: just 300,000 or so people gave more than $200 dollars to either a Democratic candidate or a Democratic political pac in the 2016 election.

The cost of not electing Democrats to Congress is too high. The cost of not electing Democrats will be dramatic rollbacks over the next 40 years to the significant progress liberals and Democrats alike have made over the previous 40 years. The cost of not electing Democrats this November will be increased abortion restrictions, more violent gun deaths, a dramatic rise in white nationalism, a dramatic rise in fear among minority communities, a rise in police brutality, fewer services for the poor, worse schools, travel restrictions, and more inequality for members of the LGBT community.


Wanna do something right now to help Democrats take back the House and Senate? Find a candidate running in a district that has the potential to be flipped. Go HERE for a list. If they’re nearby, call ’em up and offer to volunteer. Or, better yet, donate some money to them so they can advertise in their district. Seriously, do it. Do it right now!


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