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Donald Trump’s Fake News vs Facebook’s Fake News

Posted on Aug 17, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

(NOTE: This is Part 2 of our 5 part investigation of Fake News. See part 1 HERE)

FAKE NEWS: For 30 plus years, Donald Trump has been attacking the media. The first time he called the media “fake news” was December 10, 2016 in a tweet about simultaneously working on The Apprentice during his presidency.

However, it was early 2016, that liberal and Democratic voters on Facebook were beginning to experience fake news. Albeit, a different type of fake news.

Today, I’m here today to clear up the confusion. It’s like there’s these two different things that people call the same name, only they’re very different. So, it’s confusing. Like Pizza from NY is called Pizza… and that abomination from Chicago is ALSO called pizza. Only, they’re clearly different. One is pizza. And the other is NOT Pizza. It might as well be a cat.

TSUNAMI: When liberals say: “Fake news” we’re talking about the “Tsunami of Loose Feces” of fictional stories spread by conservative media… foreign actors with click bait headlines… and Russian Hackers in the run up to the 2016 election. And it’s still going on now. Only, worse.

Fake News focused on confirming voters worst suspicions about Hillary Clinton.

COLD, EVIL, CORRUPT: These fictional stories were precision targeted at millions of soft Clinton supporters on Facebook to help Donald Trump — by eroding support for Hillary Clinton. These stories portrayed Hillary as a cold, manipulative, unhealthy, ill-prepared, dangerous, treasonous, murderous psycho dyke. And those were the nice things her enemies said about her

So, there’s a disconnect. Let’s begin with the “WHAT?” What is fake news?

For Trump, “Fake News” is any story he doesn’t like. It makes him look like a Russian puppet, or stupid, dangerous, treasonous, criminal, Nazi supporting, uncaring, foolish, fat, bloated, disturbed, mad, crazy, deranged … I could go on.

Trump’s got just one goal in attacking the NY Times and CNN. Undermine the credibility of any negative story… otherwise, in 2020, his base will vote for David Duke For President.

PRESIDENT “O” RING: Trump knows that Robert Mueller’s investigation is going to reveal more of his criminal conduct, that he really did get peed on by hookers (maybe), he colluded with Putin and laundered money for Russian Oligarchs (absolutely). If his base doesn’t trust the media, Republican congressmen won’t fear for their jobs, In which case, the congressmen won’t abandon the President, in which case, Trump will remain freed up to continue his job as the “O” ring on the United States Challenger.

Now, there’s another kind of FAKE NEWS. The real pizza! This fake news is spread on the internet by websites masquerading as trustworthy media sources, they feature stories with headlines like:

1. Muslim Judge Rules Two Items Of Sharia Law Legal.

2. Chuck Schumer’s Daughter Katie Dragged In handcuffs before a Federal Judge

3. Michelle Obama tells crowd that she was the most beautiful and elegant first lady in History.

4. FBI agent suspected of leaking Hillary Clinton emails found dead.”

5. Confirmed Report: Obama Has A Military Force Of His Very Own

Every one of these stories is entirely fiction. Except the one about Obama having an Army. He does. His soldiers are armed. They don’t like white people. And they just checked their watch, it’s hammer-time.

During the election, thousands of fictional stories were precisely targeted at millions of voters. These fictional stories are spread mostly through Trump supporter Facebook groups and pages — and they have just two purposes:

One: Confirm Trump voter’s previously held misconceptions that Hillary is a crook, Obama is a Muslim, Muslims are dangerous, Obama is dangerous and Chuck Schumer had sex at least one time.

The other purpose of the fictional stories is to scare the shit out of Trump voters so they think Mexicans are coming for their jobs, that Muslims are coming to murder them. And there’s just something wrong with black people.

So, once voters were afraid for their jobs and their lives, it didn’t matter that one candidate grabbed women by the pussy, wouldn’t release his taxes and cozied up to the Ruskies… He was the guy promising to Build a Wall and keep the Muslims out. He was promising to keep them safe. And keep keep them employed. And that message is WAAAAAY more potent than “Stronger Together.”


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