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To Ensure Silence, Bill O’Reilly Hired His Accuser’s Lawyers

Posted on Apr 4, 2018 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

• Bill O’Reilly admits to “embarrassing behavior”

• O’Reilly motion to keep secret, “denied.”


O’REILLY SEXUAL HARASSMENT DOCS REVEALED: A federal court judge in New York made public the confidential settlements reached between Bill O’Reilly and three women who accused the former Fox News host of misconduct.

Judge Deborah Batts, who is presiding over a defamation suit filed last year, rejected O’Reilly’s request to keep the agreements private (read the ruling here). She wrote that his concerns about disclosing “embarrassing conduct with no public ramifications” are not sufficient to trump the public’s right to view documents the court relied on to reach its decision in the case.

“A possibility of future adverse impact on employment or the celebrity status of a party is not a ‘higher value’ sufficient to overcome the presumption of access to judicial documents,” Batts wrote.

In addition, the now public documents also reveal what could be an additional crime committed by O’Reilly. In order to ensure details of his sexual behavior were not released to the public, during settlement negotiations, O’Reilly hired his accuser’s attorneys to give him guidance going further, thus preventing them from sharing what they knew with the public, other attorneys or with additional potential accusers.

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