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Every Liberal Must See This Video; It’s Why We Must Vote Democrat On November 6th

Posted on Oct 25, 2018 by in All Episodes, Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

Donald Trump’s base is made up of dangerous radical right-wing ideologies  determined to make abortion illegal, to take away the health insurance of America’s poorest citizens and to give even more tax breaks to America’s corporations and richest 1%.

In this video, Trump’s base reveals themselves for the cruel violent unpatriotic Americans so many of them are. 

On November 6th, all Democrats from across the country, in every town, county and district MUST vote for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. From County Supervisor, to City Councilman, to Governor to the House and Senate. 

Without hyperbole, this is the most important election in all of our lifetimes. And here’s the thing: there are more democrats in the US. There are MORE of us. Remember, Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes.

A vote for Democrats on November 6th means that starting November 7th, we can begin making America Stable Again. We can begin Making America Generous Again. We can begin being proud of America again.

In the alternative, if the GOP and Trump’s base retain the control of Congress, November 7th will be the first day of the end of the American dream.

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