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EXPLAINER VIDEO: Trump Tower Moscow Reveals The President Is Compromised, His Collusion With Russia And Putin’s Leverage

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For more than 30 years, Donald Trump has wanted to build a “Trump Tower” in Moscow. He tried to make a deal several times, and each time, he failed. Either financing fell through, or he couldn’t get the proper permits.

However, in 2014, things changed.

Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen began serious negotiations with Russian partners to finally build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

This time, the deal was moving along as it should. A location was secured and it even got to the point where Ivanka suggested an architect. Plans were drawn up for what the building would look like.

By the end of 2015, Donald Trump himself signed a letter of intent with his Russian partners to develop what would be the tallest building in the world. In Moscow.

Despite the progress, two serious hurdles remained. 

  1. Nothing gets built in Russia without the consent of Vladimir Putin
  2. Team Trump needed to determine which bank would finance the construction.

To solve the first problem, Michael Cohen reached out to Dmitry Peskov, via email. Peskov is “Putin’s Right Hand Man” – although his official Kremlin title is Press Secretary.

Cohen’s expectation was that reaching out to Putin’s consigliere would help speed up the approval process.

In case it’s not yet clear, while he was running for United States president in 2016, Donald Trump – through his lawyer – is negotiating or colluding with Vladimir Putin.

Let that sink in.

Trump’s second problem is more complicated. Russian bank, VTB, agreed to finance the Trump Tower Moscow project. However, current US sanctions prevent Trump (and other Americans) from doing business with VTB.

So, if Trump can get the US sanctions against VTB lifted, he can get the Tower in Moscow built.

The deal would have meant Trump being payed 4 million up front to license his name… plus, his company would manage the property once it was built, earning him several million more every year.

Even better for Trump? He would have had his name on the world’s tallest building.

During the 2016 campaign for president, Donald Trump surprised many by saying that the US is not obligated to be Russia’s enemy. Trump also said that the world would be a better place if the US and Russia were more friendly. Trump said if he’s elected President, he’ll be more friendly to Russia.

Simultaneously, the media begins to report allegations of Russian meddling in the US election process. There are allegations of hacks on voting registries as well as accusations of manipulating social media.

Between January of 2016 and the Republican Convention, Donald Trump insists he has nothing to do with Russia. That he has no deals in Russia. That he has no loans in Russia. That he has nothing to do with Russia.




Let that sink in. 

Many Americans suspected Trump was lying about his business relations with Russia. Now we have the proof!

Michael Cohen has plead guilty to lying to the FBI. In 2017, when the FBI first asked Cohen about the Trump Tower Moscow project, Cohen told them the deal had fallen apart in January 2016. HOWEVER, that was a lie. In fact, Cohen had been negotiating with his Russian counterparts up through June 14th, 2016. Six months longer than he previously stated.

Appearing in US Court, Cohen said the reason he lied to the FBI was to protect Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy. If the Russia negotiations had ended in the early part of the campaign, that would have a much less negative political impact on Trump’s race for the White House, than if the truth were known, that Cohen was still negotiating up till the point of the Republican Convention.

Remember: It’s during these 6 months – at least – that candidate Donald Trump has a secret he does not want the American people to know. HOWEVER — Russia knows! That’s leverage. Trump is compromised!

Russia could now force Donald Trump to do things that would benefit Russia, like change the platform of the Republican Party at the Convention. Instead of supporting Ukrainian anti-Russian rebels with weapons…the GOP would now only support the rebels with food and medicine.

Trump made this change to the GOP Platform. In fact, it was the ONLY change Team Trump made to the 65 page plus GOP Platform document.

And that’s not all.

  • Trump has also come out against NATO.
  • Trump has advocated to remove sanctions against Russia.
  • Trump has NEVER criticized Russia for meddling in the US election.
  • Trump appointed Vladir Putin’s actual friend, Rex Tillerson, as US Secretary of State.
  • Trump fired many Russia analysts from the US State Department.
  • To this day, Trump still refuses to believe that Russia monkeyed in our election.
  • Trump has supported Russian propaganda, parroting that “America’s elections are rigged.” Which undermines US faith in our election process.
  • Trump has supported Russian propaganda, saying that the US has been as murderous as Vladimir Putin in our foreign policy.
  • Donald Trump has applauded BREXIT – Which means a weaker Europe.
  • Donald Trump has never, not once, criticized Vladimir Putin.


Donald Trump had a secret. Russia knew. Putin had leverage. The President is compromised.
U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin react at the end of the joint news conference after their meeting in Helsinki, Finland, July 16, 2018. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

When Donald Trump was (is) lying about his business relationship with Russia, he was putting his personal financial interest ahead of America’s interest.

Trump repeatedly says “America First.” What he really means is, “Trump First.”

Let that sink in.

Donald Trump has sold out American interests to our enemy just so he could have his name on the world’s tallest building. There’s no other word for that than, #sad.

Oh, and here’s the thing. It actually gets worse. Remember that Michael Cohen was discussing and emailing with Dmitry Peskov, Vladimir Putin’s right hand man? Well, while Peskov was dealing with Trump Tower, he was ALSO in charge of Russia’s multi- million dollar scheme to influence the US election on Facebook.


And that’s still not all.

As part of the Trump Tower Moscow project, Donald Trump was going to give Vladimir Putin the 50 million dollar penthouse… FREE.

Looking at it another way, you could also say that in exchange for helping him win the US presidency, Donald Trump was prepared to pay Vladimir Putin $50 million dollars.

To summarize: Donald Trump wants to erect a huge building with his name on it. Putin agrees to help by arranging the financing and manipulating US social media to get Trump elected US President. Once elected, a now compromised Donald Trump will do Russia’s bidding. Oh, and Vladimir Putin gets a 50 million dollar penthouse.

Everyone wins.

Well, everyone except the the American voters, who instead, got a President who’s a liar, corrupt, a traitor, racist, incompetent, deranged, petulant and cruel.

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