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Welcome to, a 100% free & independent streaming service featuring factual entertainment, including the series:

This vs That • Get Sexxx Tonight • Pizza With Writers • Be Less Stupid

These are shows for anyone interested in science, fact, human sexuality, pop-culture, explosions and pizza.

And, all of the content was written, produced, directed and even financed by one guy, Jon Hotchkiss (me, the guy typing), a 14 time Emmy nominee who got tired of having his career trajectory creator, Jon Hotchkiss, featured in Emmy Magazine.

determined by the whims of spineless, no-nothing television executives, who was frustrated by the content restrictions and censorship resulting from advertiser driven TV and who got pissed off X 2 with having his work stolen by international TV conglomerates and having to sue (at great expense) to get the justice he was contractually entitled to.


Here’s the deal: For anyone interested in factual entertainment, these shows are even better than what you’d get on cable. No expenses were spared in terms of production value, graphics or talent. There’s no content restrictions, no censorship, and nothing is homogenized.  And, we reveal stories and facts you would never see on regular TV due to advertiser sensitivity.

In fact, the only differences between and Netflix, Hulu, cable or network TV is their corporate size and ability to market and make the audience aware of their new shows. Why, you’d be surprised to discover we’re using nearly identical technology to deliver a seamless streaming experience to viewers on their laptop, desktop or mobile device.

There’s more than 30 hours of original content and everything on the site is FREE. That’s right. You can watch every episode from every series and pay NOTHING.

Why am I giving it away?

Because I know that viewers demand quality, have busy schedules and are reluctant to pay in advance for content and shows they’ve never heard of or previously seen.

That’s why I’m giving it away. Also, I’m 100% confident that you will enjoy the shows.

I also know that people are kind, generous and respect hard work and want to support compelling content created by passionate entrepreneurs.

So, if you decide to watch every episode of every series and donate no money, that’s fine. I respect that.

However, if you enjoyed the shows, were entertained or learned something new, click the donate button on the side-bar to your left (or just above this paragraph) and send us a one-time donation of $3, $5, $10 bucks via paypal or your credit card. We’ll use the money to make more episodes of our current shows and new series, too.


Jon Hotchkiss

Writer and or Creator of: My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad (NBC), Punkin Chunkin (Science Channel), Curb Your Enthusiasm, Penn & Teller: Bullshit, Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, Invasion of the Christmas Lights 1, 2 & 3 (TLC), The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, Smartest Guy in Town (Game Show Network), and many others that weren’t very good. Sorry.

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  1. Jon, John here and I “almost” could not believe what I saw. The two segments that I saw were ‘fantastic’. Maybe getting a segment or two from, my name for ‘hIM’, a goldie lock’s rally where you dress like those morons to get answers and send it / them to say 60 Minutes to get more people involved in your show?
    I am not the richest person in the world, I’m a retired person. But, if I like again what I liked today, I have to scratch up a couple greenbacks for you.
    Have you ever seen The Ring Of Fire (program not the song) or David Pakman or Robert Reich Inequality media programs? They all are, maybe called Civic Media? would you mind if I let them know about you and your dynamic program? [: ENERGETIC, FORCEFUL ]

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