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Finally, One Short Video That Reveals 10 Reasons Why Trump’s Trolls Continue To Support The Worst, Most Cruel and Dangerous President In American History. Period.

Posted on Oct 31, 2018 by in All Episodes, Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

TRUMP’S BASE: Over the last two years, I’ve spent a lot of time undercover at Trump rallies and other GOP events talking to BOTH Trump’s hardcore base and other GOP who just support the President’s politics and policies. I’ve read a lot, taken notes and listened to experts in psychology, human behavior and decision making.

And I’ve got some answers to that question we’re all asking…

Now, what I’m about to tell you is NOT a defense of Trump or his base… Rather, in order for Democratic candidates and liberal ideas to flourish – especially in the purple parts of the country – where a voting district could go either red or blue – it will just help to have a better understanding of the people who worry more about their sons being falsely accused of sexual misconduct… than they worry about their daughter ACTUALLY being the victim of sexual misconduct…

The President's base of white Christian men is prepared to overlook his gazillion lies, criminal fraud and marital cheating, so long as he continues to pack the courts with Conservatives, keep the Mexicans out and cut their taxes.
Trump’s base is prepared to overlook his lies, fraud and cheating, so long as he continues to pack the courts with Conservatives, keep the Mexicans out and cut their taxes.

So, in no particular order, here goes:

Lots of Trump voters feel abandoned by both parties, the democrats especially. For years, politicians have promised them better jobs, wages, schools, infrastructure, front row tickets to Garth Brooks and it never materializes. THEN, they see that America has hung the “Come On In” sign on our front door… instead of the sign that says: “Go away Mexicans, we’re sleeping”. Trump’s base feels like there’s a line for government services like housing and health care… and that these foreign invaders have cut ahead of them.

Many in Trump’s base are angry that manual labor and blue-collar work is routinely denigrated by the media, the so-called “liberal elites” and popular culture. To Trump’s base, there’s honor – and they feel like they don’t get any credit for doing a factory job you hate, or manual labor that breaks your back… in order to feed, shelter and provide for a family – And yet, this noble work, in their mind, is vilified by those who work with their mind. To Trump’s base, popular culture has for 40 something years mocked middle class blue collar white men, from Archie Bunker to Homer Simpson. Which may explain why just today, Trump fired Jeff Sessions and made Larry the Cable Guy Attorney General.

For the rest, watch the video above.

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