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DHS and Private Prison Caught Forcing Illegal Immigrants At Adelanto To “Self Deport” And Other Civil Rights Violations

Posted on Feb 15, 2018 by in Be Less Stupid | 2 comments

* This is a story the Trump Administration, The Department of Homeland Security and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement DO NOT WANT YOU TO HEAR.

*During my investigation of Adelanto, three prison guards from Homeland Security and one police officer tried to prevent me from taking pictures and video of detainees being held at Adelanto Detention Center.


Breaking News: Guards and prison officials at the Adelanto Detention Center have been coercing and using forcible means to get illegal immigrants being held in detention to sign forms in which they agree to “self deport” and forgo a trial in immigration court, multiple sources with direct knowledge have confirmed to Be Less Stupid and

It’s just one element of massive corruption, civil rights violations, influence peddling and campaign finance crimes that reach right into the Oval Office and President Trump’s desk, and includes his co-conspirators at GEO Group, the nation’s second largest private prison company and the President’s superpac and inauguration committee.

It starts 90 miles north of Los Angeles, West of Victorville, in Apple Valley’s high-desert, at California’s largest immigrant detention center. You go north on 395. If you get to the Winnebago where Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are cooking meth, you’ve gone past the Adelanto Illegal Immigrant Detention Center.

Or, as President Trump calls it, “that place with the shithole people. The rapists. The ones with AIDS. Who live in huts. Some of whom are good people.”

Adelanto has beds for nearly 2000 men and about 300 women. Across the US, ICE reports the average daily population of detained illegals is 38,000 – 38 thousand and one if you count Melania Trump. 38 thousand is a 43% increase over the Obama Administration. HOWEVER, President Trump’s 2018 budget calls for an additional 1.2 billion in funding to increase the number of detention beds to… 48 thousand. Or, 1 less, if Melania goes back to Slovakia.

In the last year, there have been 5 successful suicides by detainees at Adelanto… and nearly three times as many attempts. There has also been several suspicious deaths of detainees… Across the country, 12 immigrants died in US detention in 2017. 10 the year before.

Back to Adelanto. In 2017, there was also a hunger strike by 9 detainees… who were protesting humiliating and racist treatment by guards… legal paperwork only in English…
rancid food…lack of clean water… Sounds like every guest’s complaint at a Trump Hotel. Where was I? Oh yes. The detainees were also on a hunger strike protesting excessive bail…
and being forced to wear clothing and underwear that were both dirty and worn by someone else.

And after peacefully refusing to eat, detainees were forcibly coerced to behave by guards with Pepper Spray. That pepper spray attack resulted in a massive detainee riot… during which the hunger strikers had their clothes stripped off by guards and then they were tossed into a hot shower… where their pours opened up allowing the pepper spray to penetrate deeper… And well, hurt like a mother fucker.

There have also been numerous incidents of sexual assault against detainees.

All of which, I guess explains why the media has been barred from touring the inside of Adelanto for the last 5 months, me included. I have been denied access by DHS on 6 separate occasions. On four separate occasions, my tour request has been denied by acting Western Region spokeswoman Lori K. Haley, of the Department of Homeland Security: (via email)

“Due to significant demand and agency resource constraints…I don’t anticipate we’ll be able to facilitate a tour for you of the Adelanto ICE Processing Center at least for the next several weeks.” September 13, 2017

“We are still unable to accommodate at this time – please check back with me at the beginning of the new year.” November 29th, 2017

“We are not conducting media tours at this time, but I will let you know if that changes.” January 16, 2018,

And, “The policy has not changed, but neither have agency resource constraints.” February 3, 2018

And, last week, a newly filed law suit alleges multiple cases of excessive use of force by guards and other civil rights violations.

In a separate suit, in California federal court, immigrant detainees have accused Adelanto’s administrators that as a “matter of uniform practice and policy they refuse to give detainees basic food, water and hygiene products, instead forcing the detainees to pay for the products, and paying the detainees $1 per day to operate the facility.

Federal law OK’s prison and detention facilities to pay prisoners just $1 dollar per day to, for example, work in the kitchen, perform maintenance duties, do laundry or staff the library and remove two screws from every bag of screws that come with an Ikea, build it yourself desk. You were wondering who did that, right? It’s illegal immigrants.


ICE detainees walk into the dining area for lunch at the Adelanto immigration detention center, which is run by the Geo Group Inc (GEO.N), in Adelanto, California, U.S., April 13, 2017. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

So, how does a person end up at the Adelanto Processing Center? Here’s the answer: Immigrants to the US can find themselves inside Adelanto after they seek asylum, typically at a US Border crossing like this one in San Yisidro. Asylum seekers come to the US to escape imminent grave danger from gangs, drug dealers, other criminals or a violent and oppressive government. None of the top 10 countries of asylum seekers are Latin America. Rather, asylum seekers are predominantly from Congo, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, and Burma.

Immigrants can also be detained at Adelanto after being arrested by Ice Agents during citizenship enforcement operations or if they’ve previously served prison time for an unrelated crime and ICE picks them up for a deportation hearing. Also, a person can end up at Adelanto if they take more than 40 seconds to make Trump’s big-mac. Or, if Ice catches them reading the NY Times. Or, if you’ve ever been to a Selena Gomez concert. Or have ever sung along to the song “Despacito.”

Once you arrive, Adelanto classifies detainees based on any previous interactions with law enforcement. Some are classified threats to national security… while others are being held for minor crimes, traffic incidents or even just problems with their immigration status.

Inmates are seperated by the color of their uniforms; high risk or potentially dangerous detainees wear red. Anyone with just a prior misdemeanor conviction or NO convictions, wears blue. Immigrants in orange jumpsuits fall somewhere between criminal and not-criminal. Detainees in red and detainees in blue, are kept separate. Anyone caught wearing MC Hammer style satin pantaloons… is immediately shot on site.

Detainees can be held for as little as a few weeks or as much as several years. One man from India has been detained for 5 ½ years. Detainees are fed three meals a day and have access to the yard a minimum of two hours per week.

Under the Obama administration, a dedicated office staff developed a standard of care for detained immigrants…However: One of Trump’s first acts as President was to close that office. And fire the entire staff.

Under Obama, the rules for facilities detaining immigrants facing deportation included:

• Check on suicidal inmates every 15 minutes
• Evaluate mental health every day
• Inmates who request medical assistance will receive within 24 hours.
• Speak to inmates in a language they understand
• After 15 days of solitary confinement, the jail must notify immigration officials.
• Detainees get a minimum of 7 hours of out-door yard time per week.

Under Trump, things are a LITTLE bit different:

• Officials will no longer offer translation services – inmates have to request it.
• Instead of medical service within 24 hours, detention facilities will only be required to have procedures in place to administer medical care… but, there are no guidelines for what those procedures should be.
• Instead of 7 hours in the yard per week, detainees get a minimum of just 2 hours outdoor yard time per week.

AND, Get this >>> illegal immigrant detainees of ICE are NOT entitled to a lawyer. You know how if you get arrested and can’t afford a lawyer, the state will provide one to you at no charge? Yeah. It’s different for illegal immigrants. If they can’t afford a lawyer, they don’t get one. No exceptions.

Of the 40,000 or so illegals under detention right now, just 16% have legal representation. Those that don’t, have to write their own briefs and do their own research in the law library, – which they say they are only given one hour of access to each day. Plus, most of the reference books are in English.

Now, of course you know that in criminal courts, if the state loses, that’s it. The state can’t appeal the decision. Once a defendant is found not guilty. There’s no double jeopardy. However – i’ll bet you didn’t know that in immigration court, ice can appeal if a judge decides not to deport a detainee. In fact, if a case is appealed by ice, the detainee remains in detention. Even worse, because of the backlog of cases, the soonest a case could be re-presented before a judge is: 2 years.

Oh, and get this –being detained doesn’t mean ice’s case against you is strong! In 2016, 20k+ deportation cases were decided in favor of the detainee! And the government dropped their appeal.

Another issue that leads to prolonged detention is the price of bail. The national bail average for detained illegal immigrants is 29 thousand dollars. While in some instances, bail is set as high as 45 thousand dollars. One detainee from Ghana says that if he had 45 thousand dollars… in Ghana, he would be president.

In 2015, a human rights group published a report entitled “Abuse in Adelanto” in which they monitored 89 detainees over the course of 6 months. And their findings were shocking…

• Extensive physical abuse of detainees by guards
• Failure to comply with DHS standards for medical care
• The high suicide rate…clearly indicates that something is deeply wrong within Adelanto
• Detainees denied basic personal hygiene items and infrequent access to showers.
• Guards are ill-trained
• It concludes: The facility fosters a hostile environment where detained individuals are afraid to file grievances, where medical needs are neglected, and where staff retaliate when individuals attempt to assert basic human and constitutional rights.

And, let’s say your suspicious of the work of human rights workers –

Here’s a second report on Adelanto…:

– Overall, we identified problems that undermine the protection of detainees’ rights, their humane treatment, and the provision of a safe and healthy environment.

– We had concerns about a lack of professionalism and inappropriate treatment of detainees by facility staff, which fostered a culture of disrespect and disregard for detainees’ basic rights.

– We observed spoiled, wilted, and moldy produce and other food in kitchen refrigerators, as well as food past its expiration date. We also found expired frozen food, including meat, and thawing meat without labels indicating when it had begun thawing or the date by which it must be used.

Now, you’re probably thinking, these are examples of some snowflakes, right? It’s another soft on crime hippy civil-right’s group, Right?

Actually – NO.

It’s a December 2017 report from the Office of Inspector General of The Department of Homeland Security. It’s a report from our own government. It’s a report from the Trump administration. The people holding the detainees.

And that’s NOT all… I can now report having spoken to 3 sources who confirm that guards and other prison officials are forcibly coercing detainees to sign forms in which they agree to voluntarily self deport and give up the right to an immigration hearing.

You’re probably wondering who’s behind this? How it got so bad and if anyone’s providing oversite?

In our next report, you’ll learn about the GEO Group, an awful private prison company operating THREE detention centers in the US. They detain about 10 thousand people each day… for which they are paid about $120 bucks per person, per day.

They also donated 1.8 million to support president trump in 2016… Including 250,000 to underwrite his inauguration festivities and 150K to Trump’s super pac the day after the Obama Admin announced plans to phase out private prisons because “they do not maintain the same level of safety and security” as federal prisons… It’s a day, GEO’s stock fell 40%.

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  1. What should i do if i have a family member is this sutuation of physical abuse and civil rights abuse.?

    • You should get in touch with an Immigration attorney. Try calling Carrye Washington @ 909 391 4434. And good luck!

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