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Kevin De Leon: Pay To Play?

Posted on May 9, 2018 by in All Episodes | 0 comments

In 2012, an oil refinery operated by Chevron in Richmond, California caught fire. 15,000 people in San Francisco needed medical attention due to massive amounts of toxins in the air. The EPA fined Chevron millions for environmental violations. Then, just two years later, Kevin De Leon took thousands of dollars in political donations from Chevron, including $25,000.00 to fund a lavish inauguration Kevin threw at the Disney concert Hall, to celebrate his becoming  Senate President, pro-tempore .

Also, did you know that Kevin De Leon doesn’t even want to be US Senator from California? Really. In fact, he raised $2.3 million dollars to run for Lieutenant Governor of California and only decided to switch and run for Senate in October of 2017.

Oh, one more thing: Kevin likes to tell crowds that he’s a progressive. But how is that possible? He didn’t support Bernie Sanders for President. In fact, a February 3rd article from the San Francisco Chronicle reports Kevin saying: “I’m with Hillary Rodham Clinton. All the way. I think she’s the best candidate.”

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The LA Times

Want to know more about Kevin De Leon? Come back soon, ’cause we’ll reveal who Kevin gave a $46,000.00 a year job to… right after she made a BIG contribution to his campaign.

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