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Kevin De Leon Took Huge Donations From Chevron

Posted on May 8, 2018 by in All Episodes | 3 comments

In 2012, an oil refinery operated by Chevron in Richmond, California caught fire. 15,000 people in San Francisco needed medical attention due to massive amounts of toxins in the air. The EPA fined Chevron millions for environmental violations. Then, just two years later, Kevin De Leon took thousands of dollars in political donations from Chevron, including $25,000.00 to fund a lavish inauguration Kevin threw at the Disney concert Hall, to celebrate his becoming  Senate President, pro-tempore .

Also, did you know that Kevin De Leon doesn’t even want to be US Senator from California? Really. In fact, he raised $2.3 million dollars to run for Lieutenant Governor of California and only decided to switch and run for Senate in October of 2017.

Oh, one more thing: Kevin likes to tell crowds that he’s a progressive. But how is that possible? He didn’t support Bernie Sanders for President. In fact, a February 3rd article from the San Francisco Chronicle reports Kevin saying: “I’m with Hillary Rodham Clinton. All the way. I think she’s the best candidate.”

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@ The LA Times

Want to know more about Kevin De Leon? Come back Thursday, ’cause we’ll reveal who Kevin gave a $46,000.00 a year job to… right after she made a BIG contribution to his campaign.


  1. See, I don’t think that De Leon is some kind of savior for the grassroots Left in California. I think he is a bit better than Feinstein, but closer to a less charismatic, less accomplished version of her than to a real reformer. He is like a Maggie Hassan / Martin Heinrich kind of Democrat. As in “who??” They’re sitting Democratic Senators right now, believe it or not. They’re generally correct on most issues, but champions for nothing and largely invisible, at a time when we need serious political leadership and real fighters. De Leon seems to be “the challenger” because the media deemed him such, probably 9 months ago, because he didn’t ruffle any corporate feathers.

    The best candidate in this race, by a significant margin, is Alison Hartson. Totally uncorrupt, a born leader, an inspiring speaker, an activist, a teacher, an organizer. She took less money again and again in order to help people, and she roars like a lion against the Establishment. She is David Bowie, De Leon is 38 Special. Why would you prefer 38 Special to David Bowie?

    • Steve
      I’ve been to nearly 25 democratic events for US senate… and I have never seen Allison at a single one. I’ve seen her appear in videos shot inside her house or on Skype… but never in person. I think one of the most important parts of any job is showing up. And Allison does not. Perhaps you’ll consider having a look at

      • I agree with you that showing up is important. To my knowledge, Alison has been to every county in California to listen to people, etc., and has been working very hard, even if not necessarily at Democratic events (this I do not know). I think Harris is a good candidate, I like his positions and he seems genuine. I think Alison is a better candidate. She got a campaign finance reform resolution through the CA legislature. A civilian with no money and no connections, in a 40-million person state, on an issue that politicians actively hate to address. She just pulled together 2000 like-minded people and got it done. I have never heard of such of a feat. If Harris and Feinstein are the final 2, I will vote for Harris. As long as Alison is in the race, she has my vote.

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