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Paul Manafort Changed The GOP’s Ukraine Platform And That Proves Russia Collusion

Posted on Jun 14, 2018 by in All Episodes, Be Less Stupid | 2 comments


COLLUSION: A few days before the Republican convention, the Trump team made just one change to the party’s platform – it’s a 66 page document – with two columns per page. It’s a kind of blue print for what the party believes. Anti-abortion, less taxes, more guns. Think of it like the Republican party bible – only instead of turning loaves into fishes for poor people, Jesus takes away their health care.

Anyway – Trump’s team wants to make just one change to this 66 page document: They now want to support gay marriage.

I’m kidding.

The one thing they change is the wording of the GOP’s support for the people of the Ukraine. Who, when we last left them, had overthrown their douche-bag dictator and were now supporting NATO and the European Union while simultaneously fighting the Russians who had invaded their country and annexed the Crimea in Ukraine’s southern region.

So, this platform – before Trump’s team changes it originally calls for the Republicans to support “ARMING” Ukrainian rebels with lethal weapons to fight back against Russia.

Then, after the Trump team made their change, the language read: the GOP would support providing Ukrainian rebels with “appropriate assistance.”

So, it went from “Arming Ukraine” to providing “appropriate assistance.”

It’s like the difference between taking a guy who just slashed his arm with a chainsaw – it’s gushing blood and his bone is exposed like after you gnaw the meat off a chicken wing- and instead of taking him to the Emergency room… you tell him to kick some dirt on it, man up and to walk it off.

So, how does softening the language in the GOP platform on assistance to the rebels in the Ukraine help Russia? Why does it matter if we help or don’t help them?

Well, there’s a few reasons:

1. There are LARGE untapped fields of natural gas in the Crimea… and Russia wants that gas. You see, right now, Russia provides Europe with the largest percentage of their natural gas…and if the Ukraine is able to monetize their gas, Ukraine would become competition to the Russians – so the Russians would make LESS money.
2. Russia needs to maintain their image as a military and political leader in the region – The Russians believe that if America believes the Russians are determined to expand their territory into more of Europe, then Russia will have leverage and can exact concessions in other areas like trade.
3. By limiting Europe’s access to the Ukraine, it prevents NATO from having a staging area on the Russian border should they ever think about invading Russia.
4. And perhaps most importantly, as the Ukraine points its sails west to alliances with the US, Nato and the European Union, it continues to foment anti-Russia sentiment among its people …and Putin is deathly afraid of that revolutionary fever becoming viral and infecting the people of Moscow and St. Petersburg… which could lead to worker strikes, demonstrations, violence and perhaps the overthrow of Putin’s regime.

So, here’s the collusion: Trump goes soft on helping the people of the Ukraine fight Russian influence…

Sessions, Kushner, Flynn, Manafort, Carter Page all secretly promise Russian envoys, lawyers and Ambassadors who all directly report to Putin, to reduce the severity and or remove Obama era sanctions during a Trump tower meeting… and at the Mayflower hotel…

…AND in exchange, the Russians agree to manipulate social media and get trump elected President.

Ta-Dah! There’s your collusion!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this refresher on the Manafort issue(s)!! So much information has deluged our psyche’s in such a frenzied short time, it helps to reread these things to have them in proper perspective.

    FYI: Manafort is in the VIP wing of Northern Neck Regional prison in Virginia; reports this morning stated that he was not sent to DC prison ‘for safety reasons’

    • You’re welcome. Trump et al are running a criminal enterprise and they must must must be stopped! Flipping the House in November will be the first real opportunity. Please remember to vote!

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