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Your Memory Sucks. Here’s Why.

Posted on Mar 21, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 3 comments

MEMORY SUCKS: The brain stores various types of information… differently. Visual information is stored more deeply in the brain, in more locations, so it’s easier to recall because of the many associations and connections we’re able to make.

That’s why you remember every scene, every camera angle, every position in the first porno you ever saw. Even what kind of pizza the female star had delivered. And yet, you can’t remember even one thing you talked about the night you lost your virginity. Or, how much you paid.

Each detail you remember, leads to more neurological connections… which lead to remembering even more details.

On the other other hand, if I tell you about a porno and then ask you about it later, you’ll have a harder time remembering the details. Unless you’re a real sicko pervert.

The point is: information communicated audibly — like a phone number, is typically stored in our short term memory. It’s a place to keep stuff you need to remember for a few minutes. Or less. And more importantly, it doesn’t get transferred to long term storage.

So, you’re going to forget it more quickly.

And now it’s time for you to play along at home… and you’ll see for yourself that your memory sucks.

I want you to see how our brains are not designed to do multiple things simultaneously.  In just a second, iIm going to put up a 7 digit number on the screen. You look at it for 10 seconds. Then, after 10 seconds, I’ll put up five seven digit numbers – one of which will be the original sequence of numbers.

You decide which one. Ok. Here goes…

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  1. Very enjoyable

    • Thank you for watching

  2. You have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that anger helps me remember, even more than visual learning. it was 7 34 7 515. No wonder I can remember every word from every fight I ever had with a man :p

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