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Miscreants, Liars and Traitors

Posted on Jun 1, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

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BREAKING NEWS: Did President Trump ALSO secretly meet with the Russians in the spring of 2016? NBC News reports the FBI has focused its attention on an alleged meeting Trump secretly held at the Mayflower Hotel with the Russian Ambassador to the US. And so, the noose is getting tighter around his Presidency. And when Attorney General Jeff Sessions got word of a tightening noose, just out of habit, he jumped up and yelled, “OK. You get the gasoline and cross. I’ll get the hoods.”

Nearly more members of Trump’s inner circle are under investigation by the FBI than there are who ain’t. And it’s getting harder and harder to remember who’s an alleged traitor working for the commies… who’s just an ordinary Trump supporting asshole and who secretly think Kathy Griffin’s picture with Trump’s bloody head was actually kinda cool.

So, as the number of officials under investigation by the FBI or Congress gets higher than Woody Harrelson on Ben And jerry’s Free Ice Cream day, so you can keep track, I want to share with you this definitive list of…

White House Staff Under Investigation For lying to Congress, Lying about Russia, Obstructing Justice or Colluding with Russia to Interfere with the 2016 Presidential Election.

Yesterday, President Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, was sent a subpoena to turn over documents and provide testimony to the investigators in the House and Senate. If he refuses, Cohen could be jailed. Or, face an even worse punishment: Forced to remain working for The Commander in Cheetoh.

We learned last week that Jared Kushner is now ALSO the subject of an FBI investigation… he too, is alleged to have held secret meetings with the Russian ambassador last spring. Kushner may have also committed treason if allegations are true that he attempted to set up a secret back channel to directly communicate with Vladimir Putin.

Reactions to this news have been mixed. The President dismissed the charges against Kushner as quote “Locker room diplomacy.” Meanwhile, NBC fired Billy Bush again. Which is kinda cruel right? because Billy Bush doesn’t work for NBC anymore.

The FBI is also investigating former Trump Campaign boss, Paul Manafort, for shady financial dealings and lobbying for the Pro-Putin regime in the Ukraine. Manafort is accused of accepting 12.7 million dollars in consulting fees – an amount President Trump referred to as quote “Bronzer money.”

The FBI also alleges Manafort did not register as a foreign agent.

PLUS: The FBI is looking into a 3.5 million dollar loan Manafort got from a former Trump business partner, the day after he left the Trump campaign. A 3.5 million dollar loan every living creature on earth… except Paul Manafort… has described as quote “really fucking suspicious.”

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