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The Nunes Memo & The Dirty Trick Donald Trump Learned From OJ Simpson’s Dream Team

Posted on Feb 1, 2018 by in Be Less Stupid | 6 comments

Donald Trump learned a shockingly effective political dirty trick from OJ Simpson’s dream team. It’s a political tactic he’s using right now… It has to do with his insisting that Devin Nunes release a memo that’s said to reveal misconduct and the abuse of power inside the FBI.

But, before we get to that, we gotta back up just a bit. To October 1995. OJ Simpson is accused of murdering his wife and Ron Goldman. When the evidence is revealed, we discover that at the crime scene, cops found a glove with a OJ’s blood on it.

AND they found a sock in OJ’s room with Nicole’s blood on it. They found blood on the steering wheel of his Bronco. They found fibers from the Bronco on the glove, mixed with OJ’s blood. They found OJ’s bloody foot prints.

The point is, at trial, all of that evidence would have been impossible to refute – or undermine. Her blood is on HIS socks!

Only… the case was not a slam dunk.

OJ’s lawyers knew they couldn’t refute the evidence. It would be like trying to convince your grandmother that these kittens in a bowl ARE NOT the cutest thing ever. But,“The Dream Team” needs to put on a defense. So, instead of attacking the evidence, they attacked the people collecting the evidence.

OJ Simpson did not kill Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman… because Mark Fuhrman is a racist.

And if Furman hates black people he framed OJ… because OJ’s a black guy. Furman is racist so he planted the bloody glove… If Furman is racist, the jury can’t trust the evidence– and if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit. Mark Furman is racist… OJ is innocent. Or so the dream team lead a jury to believe. And they did. OJ was found not guilty.

When you can’t dispute the facts, attack the fact finders.

And THIS is what Trump learned from The Dream Team.

Only, with this Nunes memo, what’s going on now is, instead of racist cops “on trial” in Los Angeles, Donald Trump has orchestrated a public trial to undermine the credibility of the FBI. And it’s working. Up until 10 minutes ago, Trump’s base were staunch defenders of law and order – to them, the show “Cops” isn’t an ultimately sad expose of the clash between jurisprudence and the disadvantaged, disenfranchised, uneducated, poor… BUT rather, for Trump’s base, “Cops” is their “Downton Abby”: Binge worthy high art.

If Trump’s base were any more law and order, they’d have tattoos on their ass of Sam Waterston and Ice-T.

Trump’s base wants the Miranda warning changed to: “You have the right to remain silent, but if you do remain silent, we have the right to rip off your head and shit down your neck.”

It’s impressive, actually. In just a few months, Trump has convinced his base that the nation’s premier law enforcement agency is made up of Clinton worshipping sycophants who have weaponized the FBI to target political adversaries. And Trump needs his base to believe that the FBI is using excessive and illegal means to gather evidence and entrap honest Americans.

To Trump, the FBI is equal parts ineffective and extreme. Kind of a cross between the the cops from the “Police Academy” movies… and Hitler’s SS. Trump needs his base to mistrust the FBI because he KNOWS the crimes he’s committed, he knows the treasonous and incriminating evidence Mueller has gathered.

Trump knows he’s about to slam fat orange ass first into a freight train of justice. Trump knows that Mueller has the equivalent to Nicole’s blood on OJ’s sock. Trump knows that Mueller has his Orange bronzer on Russian bank accounts.

OK. You’re right. That metaphor doesn’t make a lot of sense… how would Trump’s orange bronzer get on a bank account? Is a bank account even a thing? Let alone is it a thing you can get orange bronzer on? I guess you could get orange bronzer on paperwork, or a safety deposit box…or maybe if you touched your skin before it dried, you could smear bronzer on some rubles.

Anyway, you get what I’m saying.

The point is: if the FBI is corrupt, inept and excessive AND liberal Clinton toadies, ipso facto, they’re against Republican, conservative, veeral, hyper masculine… Donald Trump.

Ipso facto, Americans can’t trust the FBI’s freight train of evidence that proves with certainty that Team Trump conspired with the Russians to steal the Presidency because Trump owes the Russians billions of dollars.

And, in order to cover up those crimes, Trump’s interfered and undermined the Mueller Investigation. He’s obstructed justice.

And the FBI can’t be trusted, ipso facto, the gloves don’t fit –Donald Trump didn’t conspire with the Russians.


  1. You mention that the OJ trial had evidence that couldn’t be refuted, and named that evidence.

    For Donald Trump there is no such evidence, you can’t provide any. All you provide is a hope that Mueller has it. If there was evidence, we would already know. If there was compelling, unmistakable evidence he is part of a Russian conspiracy, he would have already been removed.

    Try again. But be fast! The walls are closing in fast, and the fairy tale is about to end.

    • Mike Flynn has plead guilty. George Papadopalous, too. Today, we got a heads up that Gates (Manafort’s side-kick) is now cooperating with Mueller. As for evidence that’s already plenty. HOWEVER, as I suspect you know, the way the justice system works is that evidence is presented during a trial! Assuming there is no leaks. If Trump were really innocent, why would he being trying so desperately to shut it down?

    • The fallacy in your denial is “If there was evidence, we would already know”
      Really? WHY would we know? The investigation hasn’t concluded yet and Mueller has yet to present his findings. The absence of public evidence does not mean there is no evidence.

      By your logic, If you’re beaten to death in a locked room, you’re not ‘dead’ until someone finds you. Understand your mistake?

      I understand. You are simply repeating what Hannity said. Because if you were actually engaging in critical thinking, you would already know that…

      What we DO know is:
      Flynn is guilting and cooperating.
      Papadopulous is guilty and cooperating.
      Gates is indicted, and as of today is probably cooperating.
      Manafort is indicted.
      Hope Hicks conspired to hide relevant emails from an FBI investigation.
      Trump has told more lies in a year than any President. Ever. By a lot.
      And Fearless Supreme Leader is doing everything he can to derail the investigation BEFORE the findings are announced. WHY?

      Ask yourself this: If you were accused of Treason and KNEW you were innocent, would you discredit your investigation or assist in every way you could? Would you rely on the best investigative force on Earth, or attempt to malign them? (Malign means to detract from their reputation.)

      If you honestly answer that question, you now realize you’ve been used.
      Its okay. He fooled just less than half the country. You’re not alone.

      We welcome into the light. Rejoin reality. If you’re adult enough to admit your mistake, the real world will be happy to welcome you back with open arms.

      The first step in intellectual growth is admitting you were wrong and you were part of inflicting this giant ass clown on your country.

      • Hey, Dr. Lars!

        Thanks for watching. I hope you’re well. We should have lunch!

  2. Loved your analysis, Jon. You’re absolutely right that the hard evidence won’t be revealed until the powers-that-be are good and ready to make it public. Slow and steady wins the race, Mr. Mueller. We, of rational minds and good hearts, are rooting for you!

    • Lori
      Thank you for watching and sharing your thoughts.

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