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OMG! Facebook Tracks 70+ Different Data Points About You

Posted on Apr 20, 2018 by in All Episodes, Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

Seventy. That’s right, 70. Facebook tracks at least 70 different data points about each of their 2.2 billion different users.

Below, are just the first nine (9) categories of Facebook data that are available to you either in your activity log or your downloaded data, or in both places. Or, to companies like Cambridge Analytica, and other data miners who have had access to the Facebook platform.

You can manage which of these data points is shared with the public, friends or is kept hidden by clicking the upside down arrow on the upper right of your Facebook page, clicking on “settings” and then clicking “download your Facebook data”. From this new page, you’ll be asked to “Download Data” — but don’t, at least not yet. First, in the text below the “download button” you’ll see it says “And more.” This is what you want to click in order to see the entire list of Facebook’s astonishing list of 70 data points it collects about you and is likely available to those with data mining goals that are likely not in line with your desire for privacy.

Please share this so everyone can know how to protect themselves.

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