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How Russia Helped Elect Donald Trump Using Fake News On Facebook

Posted on Sep 10, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 3 comments

This week, it was revealed that Russian funded fake news stories were spread to as many as 70 million Americans on Facebook during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

So, how does this happen? Let me explain.

It starts with websites. Websites that look like real news sites… but are really spreading fake news. PolitiFact has been keeping a list… and right now, they count more than 200 fake news sites.

So, who owns these sites? Most of them are registered anonymously – and it’s difficult to find out who operates them, and what their motives are.

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  1. George Soros was the one doing that for Hillary to win! Occupy Democrats! Media Matters for America, etc. put out lots of lies for Hillary Clinton!

    • “Rose” don’t be discouraged. Stop watching Fox, listening to Alex Jones, and reading Breitbart. Take a 1-2 week break from all media. Begin watching PBS Newshour for REPORTING of the news and suddenly you will awaken to the actual Constitution, the non-lying media, and a (somewhat) more hopeful world. God Bless.

  2. Slow it down Hard to read and digest at this speed

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