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SCANDAL: Bill O’Reilly Promotes Fake News Attack On US War Hero

Posted on Jul 19, 2017 by in Blog | 0 comments

First it was the Russians promoting fake news on Facebook. Now it’s a titan of broadcasting who’s a former FOX News anchor.

Bill O’Reilly, previously the most popular newsman on cable, who was fired from FOX over allegations of repeated sexual harassment, is now actively promoting fake news on Facebook. The stories O’Reilly is promoting are intentionally deceiving perhaps millions of Conservative voters. They’re stories that viciously attack an American war-hero as well as the innocent daughter of another US Senator.

The former FOX News anchor and current podcast host’s name, image and political leanings are the draw for more than 50,000 like-minded Facebook followers who are all members of the Bill O’Reilly fan group on Facebook.

The 50K plus members of this group are served a daily dose of conservative leaning stories, American jingoism, anti-Muslim rhetoric, Trump propaganda and most egregiously, 100% fake news, including today’s top story that Republican Senator John McCain had renounced the Republican party. It’s news, the headline in the Facebook feed blares, that was met with cheers among Republicans.

To be 100% clear, John McCain has NOT renounced his affiliation with the Republican party. This is 100% fake news.

In addition to the McCain fake news story, another fake news story posted on July 19, 2017 said that New York Senator, Chuck Schumer’s daughter, had been arrested at the US/Mexico border carrying $300,000 dollars in cash along with a significant amount of marijuana.

For the sake of clarity, the story in the Bill O’Reilly Facebook fan group about Chuck Schumer’s daughter is ALSO 100% false.

Should Bill O’Reilly respond to this story, his comments will be posted here.

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