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Science Explains Why Voters Believe The Trump Lies

Posted on Jul 23, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 4 comments


TRUMP LIES: Much of the media and ½ the country think he’s the living embodiment of Montazuma’s Revenge – Which has got to make Trump mad, given his hatred of Mexicans.  And yet, the other half thinks he’s Jesus.

What I wanted to know is… WTF!? How can two people look at President Trump and have such polar opposite observations?

To find out how this happens, I conducted an experiment.

I set up a fake account and joined more than 50 pro-Trump Facebook groups. I created a meme that said: “What do you like about President Trump,” then I shared it. I got more than a thousand responses in 24 hours. Most of which were: Fuck you, Jew Libtard.

That’s a joke. It wasn’t “most” people. It was everyone.

That’s a joke, too.

The thing people wrote most is that they like Trump because he’s not a politician!  That he’s a real American not corrupted by Washington, and beholden to no one. The next most common response was that Trump believes in God.

This was followed in near equal measure by: Trump Loves America, he keeps his promises, that he’s a good businessman, that he can’t be bought, and that he tells the truth.

Seven big ideas.

OK: one of them is true! Trump is not a politician.

1 could go either way…his “love of America”.

However, I’m pretty sure Trump doesn’t believe in God. How could he put his have faith in a guy who built the heavens and earth… But didn’t want everyone to know by putting his name on it? Because, you know, if Trump built the entrance to Heaven, it would say: “Trump Gates”

…and you can bet it would have “the Loosest Slots.”

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  1. you are true people believe he is a godly person well one god doesn’t believe in wars that causes killing of another human 2 he doesn’t believe in worldly Governments also

  2. Thank You Lord Jesus For President Trump?

    They need to take a better look at Trump and Friends. Then they should open their bibles to Matthew 7:15-20

  3. well done. Perfectly explained!

  4. Dumbest group of people on this planet!! Unbelievable morons following the King of Idiocy!!!

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