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Seven Secrets Trump Doesn’t Want You To Know About His Border Wall

Posted on Jan 25, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 3 comments

BORDER WALL: In 2016, the Department of Homeland Security estimated that an average of 465 people a day successfully sneak into the us across our 2000 mile border with Mexico. This, despite staggering improvements to border security in the last 10 years. During the Obama administration, the number of border patrol agents was doubled — 10k to 21k.

Border patrol has seen the installation of remote cameras with night vision connected to GPS technology, improved seismic sensors, mobile stadium lighting, tunnel detection equipment, drones, and interactive multi-feed live streams.

And yet – a recent report from Homeland Security said that after spending hundreds of millions to add an additional 11-thousand sensors that detect both movement and heat, it only covered 5% of the border and that less than 1% of apprehensions were a direct result of the new technology.

So, why is the border so porous?

For one thing, no one has figured out how to stop people who want to escape poverty from buying a 60 dollar ladder that’s one foot taller than the border wall.

There’s no amount of money, no technology improvements or increase in the number of border guards, that can prevent people who dream of a better life… from going to Home Depot, or in this case, Femco Centro Do It, located just 1 mile from the US border in Tijuana, Mexico.

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  1. Great stuff! However, the city just south of the border from San Diego is NOT Tiajuana! There is a river that runs through that city called the Tia Juana river. The city is actually named Tijuana and pronounced correctly as Ti-Juana as anyone who has listened to Mexican radio will tell you. I live in La Mesa which is just east of San Diego and gave some thought to driving down to Otay Mesa to tag all six of the prototypes, but they were guarded. Perhaps Trump could pay for the wall by selling advertising on both sides of the wall.

    • You’re right re: spelling and pronunciation. Thanks for correcting me! As for ads… Hell, yes!

    • Tim, thanks for taking the time to watch and commenting! I’m pleased to see I’m not alone in my thoughts!

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