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The Shocking Phone Scandal Inside The Trump White House

Posted on Mar 15, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments


PHONE SCANDAL: 5 days a week, Sean Spicer, holds a press conference. And just like sex, women think it lasts 2 minutes. Guys think it so totally can go all night. In fact, it’s the guaranteed one hour each day for the press to demand answers and to rub disinfectant or some kind of salve or ointment on the gaping pussfestering open soar that is the Trump White House.

So – I wanted to know if there was anything *else* destructive to the American democracy, besides “normalizing insanity” that the White House reporters were doing?

To find out, I watched 10 hours of Sean Spicer press conferences. And yes, my retinas do fucking burn, but my team of doctors, scientists and eyebrow stylists say it should clear up in 4 to 8 years.

So — I made a BIGLY discovery watching these Press Conferences: Waay too many White House reporters aren’t paying attention to the questions and answers… because they are on their god damned fucking phones.

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