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  1. I owned a farm in the plains area near the foothills in northern Colorado for many years. Our hired farmer(s) relied on migrant labor, as did I in the tree nursery I started on part of my land. By and large, these people were honest and hard working. I could never have made any money without their help, but out of decency I paid them $10/hr in a time where $8/hr was the going rate. I also ran English classes so they could find better work. Without them, no sugar beets. No barley. No trees either.
    I tried the experiment of hiring white workers at a higher pay rate. None even lasted a day, and this was when jobs were short (2005-2009). I even tried panhandlers and offered them work. All of them returned to their underpasses to beg because they earned an average of $20/hr for being lazy.
    I’m originally from Germany and began my life on a farm there. I am not adverse to work. All I can say is there is something dreadfully wrong in this country, and frankly, I don’t think it will be long before we are anything but #1 (not that I ever believed that BS in the first place).
    Thanks for your work. I found you on YouTube and you now have a follower.

    • Ken
      Thanks for watching. It means a great deal to me that people enjoy my work. As per your comment, as you know, I agree 100%. People are sneaking into our country to do the work we won’t and without them, food want get grown, picked, cooked, or cleaned up. Things won’t get built, too.

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