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Trump is a “Draft Dodger” Says Retired Army Lt. Colonel

Posted on Nov 3, 2018 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

During an appearance on CNN’s “AC 360” Thursday night, retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters didn’t mince words when describing his thoughts about Trump’s plans to exploit the military for political gain.

“The president of the United States is a draft dodger, playing with our troops,” Peters told host Anderson Cooper. “This idea of sending 15,000 troops to the southern border right now, it’s an election ploy.”

Peters made the comments in response to a question about Trump’s remarks earlier in the day, when he suggested that he may order U.S. troops to shoot migrants who throw rocks at them.

“Our active duty troops aren’t going to do that,” Peters said. “Commanders aren’t going to order them to do that.”

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