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Why Trump Russia Overwhelms Your Brain

Posted on May 29, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

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The constitutional crises in Trump’s White House is the most serious threat to America. Ever. Even worse than the time George W. Bush tried to sell back to the Indians the Louisiana Purchase for a 6-pack of Meister Brau and a fist full of lottery scratchers.

Every time I refresh my Facebook newsfeed, I’m punched in the face by bombshell headlines and breaking news. And, it’s a metric shit ton of information for the brain to absorb and process.

And look, it can all feel overwhelming. Since I started talking, there were 42 new leaks and epic takedowns.

The stages of grief after a loved one’s death can last anywhere from 6 months to 4 years… but less if the person who died is an ex-wife or a mother in law.

HOWEVER — With trump, it’s only been what? Like 135 days… So, here now the 5 stages of grief of the Trump Presidency: Disgust…Euphoria… Terror… Hopelessness… and Dead inside.

I’ll explain.

1. Disgust. I’m disgusted by the evidence and increasing # of allegations about Russian influence in our election and Trump’s collusion.

2. Next is Euphoria. Trump is a bad person. With deceptive motives and no moral compass, So, I’m euphoric that allegations of criminal behavior will result in him leaving office BEFORE the end of his first term.

3. Next, Terror. That’s the realization that “holy shit” there are A LOT of allegations – Just this week: The FBI is talking to Jared Kushner, Mike Flynn might be cooperating with the FBI, Jim Comey’s memos leak, Trump and Melania don’t hold hands, Trump shoves the President of Montenegro, Trump calls terrorists “losers.”

4. Then, there’s Hopelessness. That’s where you go “Holy shit, Trump Russia is the only thing I watch on TV” “It’s the only think I talk about” I dream about Trump… and not the pretty one! So, you’re overwhelmed… but NOTHING IS HAPPENING. So, you feel hopeless.

5. And quickly, hopelessness metastasizes into feeling “dead inside.” You ask yourself “What can I do to help that the FBI, The House, The Senate, The Special Prosecutor, two federal courts, and the media aren’t doing?” Oh, I know! I’ll put on a pink hat?

Being awoken to the pointlessness, you shut down… nothing matters. You’re broken and beaten. Dead inside. And so, you do…Nothing!

BUT WAIT! – I have good news! You’re not alone. Those feelings, we’re all experiencing them. And science saw the whole thing coming up Broadway with an Underdog balloon.

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