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Trump Seeks To Push Ivanka And Jared Out Of White House With Help From John Kelly

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President Donald Trump is asking chief of staff John Kelly for help in pushing his daughter and son-in-law out of the White House.

The Times, citing two people familiar with Trump’s views, said Trump has been frustrated with his son-in-law Kushner after his top secret security clearance was downgraded this week and a report came out that officials from four countries had discussed ways to manipulate him during their dealings on foreign policy.

But Trump has told Kushner, who is a senior adviser, and his daughter Ivanka that they should remain in their roles, the Times reported. Trump has vented at times that the couple should have never come to the White House and should leave, White House aides told the newspaper.

CNN recently reported that Kelly has grown increasingly frustrated with Ivanka Trump since he entered the West Wing last July and was not enthusiastic about her recent trip to South Korea. Ivanka and Kushner have, in turn, grown exasperated with Kelly, viewing him as hostile to their continued presence in the White House, multiple people familiar with the couple’s thinking told the Times.

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