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Trump’s Prototype Border Walls Are Completed. Stupid. And Really F***ing Stupid.

Posted on Jan 24, 2018 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

The #1 reason why a 30 foot high border wall will not be effective is that there is nothing about it that prevents Mexicans from buying a 31 foot ladder.


BORDER WALL?: Of the 2000 miles of border the us has with Mexico, 700 miles already have border protection. Trump wants to add about 1000 more miles of border wall. 2/3s of the land on which some future border wall will be constructed is owned by private American citizens. What if those people don’t want to sell their land? What if those people don’t want a giant fucking wall in their backyard? Yes, the government can try to take the land using eminent domain, however, that still requires land owners to receive “just compensation.” The problem is that much of this land along the US Mexico border has never been sold. Ever. It’s been in families for more than 100 years. How do you determine this land’s fair market value? I think in some cases the last time the land was sold it was part of the Louisiana purchase. That might not be right, but you get the point. The lawsuits that will arise from invoking eminent domain will take multiple years to resolve

The DHS and Border Patrol invited me to San Diego to see the prototype border walls.

The second reason construction won’t happen is that hundreds of miles of border land are owned by American Indian tribes. Taking this land will require new legislation from congress. And there’s every reason to believe that when Congress gets around to this, the government will still be shut down.

The new wall prototypes Trump commissioned that are on display south of San Diego are built on flat terrain, and the terrain the excavators and other heavy equipment had to traverse to get here was flat, as well. However – much of the land on which this new border wall would be built is mountainous, inhospitable and steep. And those are its good qualities. I mean, my contractor went over budget by 20% because my wife changed the color of the stucco on the fireplace from blue to a slightly lighter blue – Now imagine the cost overruns for getting and moving multiple hundreds of thousands of cement mixers, dozens of construction cranes and back hoes and hundreds of people in hard hats. Oh, wait. Before they can deliver the construction equipment, they have to build a road, first.

Tijuana’s poorest community sits directly on the US / Mexico border. People here have no electricity or running water. They toss their garbage over the fence, because they do not have adequate sanitation.

Another problem is that the Trump Administration has not done a cost analysis that would reveal if spending 70 billion on a border wall would be more effective at slowing illegal immigration than spending that money on say more personnel and improved technology

Plus: a recent report by NBC revealed that 66% of immigrants who took up residence in the US illegally in 2014, came to the US legally – and overstayed their visa – no border wall – no matter how high or deep will have any affect on that.

I also visited the border walls from the Mexico side. After crossing the border, I took a taxi to the area in Tijuana on the other side of the border.

Next, president Trump says the border wall will also deter smuggling of drugs into the US. And yet, there are no accurate numbers that compare by volume or street value how illegal drugs get into the US… are illegal drugs smuggled across the border on foot? Are they brought through secret tunnels underneath the border? Or, maybe more illegal drugs are coming across the border in trucks carrying other goods? Maybe more drugs are flown into the US? or, Maybe drugs come by boat? The problem is, we don’t know.

Some sections of fence have concertina wire along the top and bottom (as above), other sections, do not, depending on the volume of illegal crossings.

Perhaps the most significant issue is one the US has the least control over. And that’s poverty. Not only along our border. But poverty in most of Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, among others – because that’s who this border wall is about. Poor people from Latin America who dream of a better life for themselves and their kids. But to Trump, regardless of nationality, they’re all Mexicans – Mexicans who rape, murder and steal our jobs.

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