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Trump’s Russia Connections: 30+ Of Them

Posted on May 6, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

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Donald Trump has a long, complicated business relationship with a huge international investment group called Bayrock, that is allegedly financed by Russian Oligarchs and people connected to or part of the Russian mob. Hashtag bad hombres.

Over the years, Trump and Bayrock did several deals in which Trump would license his name and Bayrock would finance hotels that Trump’s company would then manage.

Trump’s dealings with Bayrock are a disaster. There’s been a bunch of lawsuits… The Bayrock partners had to return millions of dollars to prospective buyers, buildings were foreclosed, Trump had to give at least one deposition…

A different 2016 lawsuit alleges that Bayrock laundered 250 million dollars for corrupt Russian officials – and that President Trump participated in the scheme.

Oh, one of Trump’s partners in Bayrock, a former Russian named Felix Sater, spent 9 months in US jail for stabbing a guy in the face with the stem of a broken margarita glass. The victim needed like a hundred stiches in his face. Plus, Trump’s partner, the former Russian Margarita glass dude… He was also an FBI informant on cases of stock fraud and the mob.

In Azerbaijan, the father of one of Trump’s partners in a different Real Estate investment company is suspected by US authorities of laundering money for Iran’s military and he’s been called “Notoriously corrupt.”

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