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Tucker Carlson’s Fake News Attack On Muslim Judge

Posted on Jul 25, 2017 by in Be Less Stupid | 2 comments

FAKE NEWS: First it was the Russian government paying computer hackers to target fake news at voters perceived to be soft supporters of Hillary Clinton. The close to election day 2016 goal was to flip Clinton’s soft supporters and get them to vote for Donald Trump. Since then, 17 American intelligence agencies all agree that the Kremlin interfered in the US election by targeting fake news that undermined Hillary Clinton’s credibility and bolstered support for Donald Trump.

However, it’s not just the Russians orchestrating fake news. is now reporting exclusively that FOX News commentator, Tucker Carlson has been added to the list of those disseminating and profiting from fake news.

MUSLIMS MAY BEAT THEIR WIVES: The Tucker Carlson Fox News group on Facebook, with more than 215,000 members, shared a post from the website News Feed Observer with the headline “Muslim Federal Judge Rules Two Items of Sharia Law Legal.” The story goes on to say that Federal Judge Mahal al Halalla-Smith ruled that a Muslim man in America who catches his wife in the arms of another man can beat his wife, but not kill her. And, that for 25 years, Muslims may marry their 1st cousins in order to expand the size of their family.

Fake news story posted in the Tucker Carlson Fox News Facebook Group

The first thing you need to know is: This story is FAKE NEWS. None of it is real. It’s entirely made up. Well, except the part that the story was posted in the Tucker Carlson Facebook group and was passed off as real news.

In addition, the story includes the picture of the judge who made the ruling, the Honorable Justice Mahal al Halalla-Smith.

HOAX: The Honorable Justice Mahal al Halalla-Smith does not exist. This name is made up. The photo has been changed in photoshop – specifically, the name-plate.

A reverse image search reveals the photo is really a picture of Halim Dhanidin, a judge in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Judge Dhanidin is the first Muslim appointed judge in California. In his previous work, he was a deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles for 14 years, where he prosecuted hardcore gang members and major crimes.

This is the real Judge Halim Dhanidina

Fake news stories like the story above are shared hundreds and thousands of times every day on social media, but predominantly on Facebook. The preponderance of which is targeted at Trump voters and serves to confirm a world view that Muslims are dangerous, that Hillary Clinton is a criminal, that the government is coming to take their guns, that Barak Obama is a secret Muslim among many others.

Should Tucker Carlson have a comment on this story, you will find his response here.

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  1. thank you for checking.i have seen exaggerated claims on both sides. this instance appears false.

  2. You are perpetrating fake news yourself, your headline makes it look like Tucker was spreading the lies. Also by saying it is all fake news is deceitful as muslims do often marry first cousins and will beat their wives and murder them and their daughters in what is known as honour killings

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