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US Border Patrol Caught Sabotaging Water Left For Migrants

Posted on Dec 18, 2018 by in Be Less Stupid | 0 comments

In this exclusive report, Be Less Stupid can reveal startling new evidence that implicates US Border Patrol agents with destroying water bottles left for migrant workers crossing the border with Mexico, in the area south of San Diego, CA.

The number of incidents of attacks on humanitarian aid has dramatically increased since the election of Donald Trump, says Jonathan Yost, of

In videos filmed by a different humanitarian group in Arizona in 2011, border guards can been seen kicking water jugs and emptying them by hand. At the time, US Border Patrol said they were the actions of rogue actors and did not represent the goals mission or policy of the US Border Patrol agency.

And yet, 5 years later, the sabotage of humanitarian aid continues, as evidenced by empty bottles which have been been shot at and sliced with a knife.


Jonathan Yost, of BorderAngles has been leading groups into the desert, averaging about 100 volunteers, on monthly water drops for the last 2 years.

The Border Angels have chosen more than 80 different spots they believe are the most frequently travelled by migrants illegally crossing into the United states.

In the last 2 years, the group estimates it has put out more than 5000 gallons of water.

Over the last 2 decades, more than 7000 immigrants have been found dead along the border, according to the International Organization for Migration. However, even they admit that number could be woefully low, because they only report those bodies discovered by Federal Authorities… and NOT those of state police. Last year, 412 immigrants died at the border and 398 died the year before. So far in 2018, the number of immigrants who’ve died at and around the border is: 18.

And the reason most people are dying is lack of water, which is simply too heavy to carry by migrants who can hike as much as 10 miles over the course of several days across some of America’s most unforgiving terrain in temperatures north of 100 degrees.

For much more, watch the video above.

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