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How The Women’s March Failed Women. And Men. And Democrats, Too.

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• Why weren’t 700,000 Democratic soldiers introduced to candidates running in flippable distracts?
• Why weren’t Democrats repeatedly told there is only one way to get rid of Donald Trump? Flip the House and Senate.


Yes! it is genuinely thrilling to see so many Democrat and liberal neighbors mobilize for a few hours of ‘60s era style political activism. However – The Women’s March 2018 (Los Angeles) left me disappointed. Not disappointed in the 700,000 people from Los Angeles who for the first time in years, stopped thinking about box office numbers, ratings and traffic to think about something actually important.

I was disappointed by whomever is responsible for organizing and producing the Women’s March Los Angeles.

I was disappointed by whomever was responsible for organizing and vetting the speakers who addressed the crowd BEFORE the march. Who hectored the multiplying throngs with a multitude of fringe grievances rather than focusing on the most important issue of the day.

I was disappointed by whomever was responsible for organizing and vetting the speakers who spoke at the rally AFTER the march for not producing a cohesive event focused on the most important issue of the day;

It was an event that sorely lacked a concise set of goals, a shared set of values and failed at many turns to inspire young girls to pursue a career in public service.

I’m disappointed that after accomplishing the herculean task of spearheading a movement, spreading the word and getting 700,000 people from the Los Angeles area to shlep to downtown, a place most of us used to think was where you’d go to get peed on or knifed–the crowd disbursed as the sun began to set with no clear or discernable message about how to stay in touch and more importantly, what to do and how to ensure change in the White House and congress between getting home from the rally… and Tuesday, November 6th, election day 2018.

Yes. I understand some might accuse of me standing on the sidelines and throwing rocks at people doing the work. And how easy that is. But, I wasn’t just on the sidelines. I was there. At two rallys. Last year and this year. And I had the same experience each time. Before the rally, I made a sign… and so did my kids. At the rally, I filmed the best signs so I could share them with my 20 thousand facebook followers.

Yes. I also know how difficult it can be when there are multiple factions in an organization fighting to have their individual message heard, but a slam poem by a new media artist that mostly attacked men, a history lesson on the low wages of Filipino domestic workers, and a 15-minute lecture on the fate of two Palestinian girls arrested by Israeli police before the rally were tales told at the wrong time, and in some cases, to the wrong crowd, many of whom are Jews and fierce supporters of Israel. Plus, about half the crowd was men.

But, it wasn’t the multiple fringe issues, per se, that left me disappointed by the organizers of the rally, it’s that like the Bush Administration after the Invasion of Iraq, the organizers didn’t have a plan for what to do next. The organizers of the women’s march didn’t have a clear message for the 700,000 of us about the issues and situations we actually do have the power to change.

Because, all it will take for the Democrats to create the change we desire is to flip the House  and senate to regain control of government. And those seeds have already been planted. A democrat won the senate race in Alabama. Alabama. Where they pronounce “Jew” with 3 syllables. Democrats won in Virginia. Trump is even less popular than Magic Johnson at a KKK rally.

And all that is needed for democrats to flip the house to hold the seats we currently have and win just 24 more. And it’s just 3 seats in the senate. Nearly half of the house seats considered flippable are in California.

  • Why weren’t 700,000 liberal californians introduced to the democrats running in the flipable distracts?
  • Why weren’t we introduced to the women running in those flipable districts?
  • Why weren’t we introduced to 29 year old Katie Hill running for the House against incumbent republican, Steven knight who represents an area of Northern Los Angeles and supports limiting abortions and building a border wall.
  • Why weren’t we instructed where to donate? Why didn’t they set up stations where we could donate right then and there?
  • Why weren’t we told which races need volunteers?
  • Why weren’t we told over and over again that the quickest way democratic voters can impeach the president is to VOTE and gain control of the House and Senate?

We can’t wait for Robert Mueller. We can’t wait for Republicans to do the right thing. It will take longer for Republicans to grow a conscience than it took astronaut Matt Damon to grow potatoes on Mars in his own poop.

  • If democrats want to ensure affordable healthcare, we must get control of congress.
  • If democrats want to ensure 800,000 Dreamers remain in the US, we must get control of congress.
  • If democrats want to ensure the next supreme court justice supports a women’s right to choose and equal pay, we must get control of congress.
  • If democrats want to keep marriage legal for gays, lesbians and the transgendered, we must get control of congress.
  • If democrats want America’s borders to remain open to ALL ethnicities and religions, we must get control of congress.
  • If democrats want to ensure that Donald Trump is only a one term president, we must get control of congress.

And there is only one way to do that! Just one. And it’s the most important thing democrats must do between now and election day. And that’s win 24 seats in the congress and win 3 seats in the senate.

I’m sorry, but every other issue, every other thing you care about, every other political mcguffin, every other important issue, drilling in Alaska, student loans, campaign finance reform, workplace harassment, domestic surveillance and race relations, everything else must wait – because while Donald Trump remains in office, like Jim Croce said:

–you’re just spitting into the wind.

And it’s not just the organizers who are at fault. Voters share some of the blame.  45% of us DID NOT VOTE in 2016. Look, I wish the punishment for not voting was no Halo Top ice cream for a week. But it’s not.

  • The punishment for not voting is a ban on Muslims traveling to the US.
  • The punishment for not voting is a colossal tax cut for the rich.
  • The punishment for not voting is the government takes away your health care.
  • The punishment for not voting is a president and his team who conspired with the Russians to affect the outcome of the election.
  • The punishment for not voting, is violent white supremacists marching on the streets of Charlottesville.
  • The punishment for not voting, is tiki torches that used to be 3 for 10 bucks, now cost 25 bucks a piece.
  • The punishment for not voting is the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway.
  • The punishment for not voting is a stupid fucking moron in the white House. And that’s what his cabinet has said about him.

The problem is that we’re in a gun fight and the Republicans and Trump have quite literally brought a nuclear bomb and the Democrats have brought cilantro and gluten free samples from Trader Joes.

Democrats are so timid, even the chants at the rally were designed not to trigger anyone’s feelings. I heard one group yelling: “Hey Hey, Ho ho, Donald Trump has got to… leave now, of his own accord, in an orderly fashion. We do not consent to his presidency. We’re speaking up. Saying no. Demanding our voices be heard…While simultaneously waiting our turn, careful not to alienate anyone else also speaking their truth.”

We can do better. We have to. We must do better. We will do better.

It starts with registering to vote! If you’re over the age of 18 and are a legal citizen of the US, register to vote. Do it now. Seriously. If you don’t, we will find what’s left of your radioactive zombie corpse and we will blame you for the nuclear war with North Korea.

If you’re a parent with a 17 year old who will turn 18 before election day, make sure your kid registers to vote.

If you’re a kid turning 18 before Nov 6th 2018, and want it to still be legal to tell your parents to fuck off, register to vote.

If you want the ability to choose what you do with your own body, register and vote.

If you’d like your gay friends to still have the same rights that you enjoy, you’ve got to register and vote.

If you’d like your cool Instagram friend from that Muslim country to visit during spring break, you’ve got to register to vote.

So, here’s the action plan:

  1. Register to vote.
  2. There are two dozen democratic candidates in swing districts – those are districts where a republican won the previous election by a small margin, where democrats now think they can win – those candidates need your support. One website that can connect you to a swing district in your area is:
  3. If that’s not your thing, you can also volunteer with your local democratic congressperson or senator or other democratic organizations in your area. They’ll need help making phone calls, passing out leaflets, and getting democratic voters to the polls.
  4. Find a candidate you like, send ‘em a few bucks. Put a sign on your front lawn. Call your congress person and tell them about the issues you care about.

That’s it. That’s what you need to do.

I am urging you to PLEASE share this on Social Media. With Facebook’s new algorhythm, content like this only reaches it’s intended audience if YOU SHARE IT! And at some point, Facebook will ask you if these videos are trustworthy. Please say they are!

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